Paid employment with the Australia Defence Association

In terms of paid employment our national office in Canberra employs both full-time and part-time staff. Our hard-copy, online and social media publishing programs also utilise both part-time and contracted editorial support.


Positions available


Executive Director

  • The ADA Board of Directors are seeking indications of interest for the challenging and high-profile position of federal executive director of the Association. 
  • Although generally advantageous, the position does not necessarily require prior service wth the defence force or an intelligence or security agency.
  • Specific criteria for the position and remuneration details can be obtained from our national office.
  • Although currently a full-time position, the Board is open to applications proposing part-time options on a temporary or permanent basis. 
  • However, the position will continue to involve being on-call generally for public and media comment as issues arise.
  •  Due to the extensive parliamentary and other liaison involved the executive director generally needs to work from our national office in Canberra. 
  • The Board is open to applications proposing other locations where they include a plan to preserve such a degree of liaison. 
  •  The starting date is negotiable but our target period is late 2019 or early 2020. 
  • The contract period is also negotiable but we seek an initial commitment of 2-4 years.
  • Those genuinely interested should consult the incumbent or our national president.



  • We seek the services of a cartoonist to illustrate and broaden how our website and publications tackle their informed coverage of strategic security, defence and wider national security issues.
  • The position offers considerable scope for imagination and artistic growth as a contributor to our editorial team.
  • Payment is on either a per-cartoon or series basis.
  • Knowledge of Australian and international current affairs is essential and advantageous respectively.
  • Some knowledge of Australian strategic security, defence and wider national security issues is an advantage.
  • Capacity to lampoon both sides of politics and all politicians is essential.
  • The criteria and responsibilities for the position can be obtained from our national office in Canberra.  


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