Making a donation to the Australia Defence Association

The Australia Defence Association needs to be independent in order to fulfil its role as the national public-interest watchdog organisation for strategic security, defence and wider national security issues effectively. Individual and institutional or corporate donations assist the ADA in maintaining our necessary independence, integrity and long-established public reputation for both. Please consider making a donation to the ADA to help us help Australia's defence. Particularly with our informed contributions to public debate and with our independent public-interest monitoring of governmental, bureaucratic and defence force responsibilities for strategic security, defence and wider national security issues.


Donation policy

General ADA policy on fundraising can be found here.


Independence and integrity

We are the only public think-tank in the strategic security, defence and wider national security field in Australia that is sustained by our public membership and by our public activities. We are also the only one not essentially reliant on direct or indirect federal government funding — and/or on commercially-directed financing.

We regard this strict degree of independence as essential to the integrity and transparency of our public-interest guardianship activities.

We do not seek or accept any grant or donor funding from the Australian Government or overseas sources. To further reinforce our independent integrity, we do not bid for, accept or otherwise undertake any paid consultancy work for the Australian Government.


Transparency and disclosure

The ADA cannot accept donations with conditions attached that conflict with the public interest and our responsibilities as an independent public-interest watchdog organisation.

Our public-interest research and advocacy efforts are undertaken on the objective merits of the issue concerned and are not influenced by the receipt or non-receipt of donations from any source.

Donations from commercial entities selling weapons, equipment or services to the Department of Defence are capped at $A5000.00 annually. 

Our publications do not seek, accept or publish advertorial-type articles.


Tax deductibility

We are not a charity, overseas aid fund, educational institution, environmental protection group or registered political party so donations to the ADA do not currently have deductible gift recipient status under the Taxation Act. We have applied for deductible gift recipient status and received advice this is supported by the Minister for Defence and the Assistant Treasurer.

Because of our established status as an informed contributor to public debate on defence and wider national security affairs, ADA membership fees are recognised by the Australian Taxation Office as a legitimate professional or business expense for individuals or commercial entities who are academically, professionally or commercially involved in such matters.



If you interested in making a donation to support the ADA's public-interest watchdog efforts please contact our national office in Canberra on (02) 6231-4444.


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