Sponsoring an Australia Defence Association program or activity

As a vigorously independent national public-interest watchdog organisation we are naturally careful that institutional, academic or commercial sponsorship of specific ADA programs, events or activities does not compromise our independence, or risk other conflicts of interest for us or the sponsor. Within these obvious constraints, however, we welcome public (and transparent) sponsorship of our programs and activities by institutions and companies exercising corporate social responsibility.


Policy guidelines

ADA policy on fundraising can be found here.

ADA policy on advertising can be found here.


Types of sponsorship

Sponsorship is available for five types of program, event or activity:

  • a research program or specific research project undertaken by the ADA
  • conferences and seminars conducted by the ADA on a national basis;
  • specific events conducted by ADA Chapters around Australia on a city or regional basis — such as a dinner meeting addressed by a visiting expert speaker from interstate or overseas;
  • a specific edition of our national journal, Defender; or our bulletin, Defence Brief; and
  • the publishing programs for either or both the journal or the bulletin as a whole.


Institutions and companies interested in sponsoring an ADA program, event or activity should contact our national office in Canberra on (02) 6231-4444.


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