Advertising in Australia Defence Association publications

All ADA publications and this website accept advertising. To assist advertisers with the booking, preparation and filing of advertisements, our criteria and specifications for cover-spot, page, insert and website advertising are detailed here.


Advertising policy
  • We do not accept advertisements for products or services we consider are unethical or where such advertising would not be in the public interest.
  • The advertising of a product on this website or in any ADA publication does not mean or imply that the ADA necessarily endorses that product or its manufacturer or provider.
  • The acceptance of advertising for ADA publications is kept strictly segregated from the formulation or execution of ADA policy or comment.
  • To ensure independence and transparency the costs of production of all ADA publications are fully covered by subscriptions and sales and do not rely on advertising for their funding.
  • No advertorial-type articles or commentary are accepted or included in ADA publications.


Bookings and other enquiries about advertising in our publications or on this website should be directed to (02) 6231-4444 or advertising.



Rates for advertising in our publications can be found here.


Modes of Advertising

The criteria and specifications for each form of advertising can be found on these links:


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