Insert advertising in the journal "Defender"

This guidance is designed to assist you in researching, booking and preparing cover-spot or page advertising in "Defender", the national journal of the Australia Defence Association.


Please note that we cannot provide our subscriber databases to you under any circumstances and that you need to provide the advertising leaflets.

Why advertise in Defender?

  • Published quarterly since 1983, Defender has a professional and general readership of around 5800 across Australia and around 200 overseas. This includes a particularly high-level and wide-ranging circulation in Australian ministerial, defence force, departmental, diplomatic, intelligence agency, defence industry and think-tank circles.
  • The journal’s particularly high-level readership means Defender offers you an excellent opportunity to target key national security decision-makers (and their staffs) and opinion-formers directly. Moreover, unlike defence industry business magazines, Defender is generally read closely, and often re-read, by actual subscribers rather than just scanned or binned without even opening the envelope.
  • The journal also has a wide professional, commercial, academic and general readership across Australia. Our detailed subscriber database offers you a superb opportunity to target directly, and specifically, an established and educated audience who are highly interested in strategic policy, defence, security, intelligence, international relations and related historical matters.
  • Our detailed subscriber database provides us with the capability to save you money by inserting your leaflets in only those journals likely to fall within your desired group for highly targeted advertising.
  • This ability to directly and selectively target readers is particularly attractive to conference organisers, tertiary education and training providers, specialist personnel recruiters, boutique travel agents, major public event organisers, book publishers and sellers, and history or heritage marketers.

Rates and bookings

An insertion fee of $A250 applies plus a small handling fee per leaflet depending on their size and any significant weight differential this causes to our standard printpost distribution costs. This handling fee ranges between $A0.10c and $A1.00 but is generally waived for charities and other non-profit or community-benefit advertisers.

If you advertise over several issues we can offer you reduced rates.

Copy deadlines

Defender is generally published mid-month in March, June and September, and at the beginning of the second week in December (to assist pre-Christmas advertising). The deadline for inserted leaflets is generally the last Tuesday of the month in February, May and August, and the second-last Tuesday in November.

ADA Advertising Policy

  • The ADA does not accept advertisements for products or services it considers are unethical or where such advertising would not be in the public interest.

  • The advertising of a product on this website or in any ADA publication does not mean or imply that the ADA necessarily endorses that product or its manufacturer or provider.

  • The acceptance of advertising for ADA publications is kept strictly segregated from the formulation or execution of ADA policy or comment.

  • To ensure independence and transparency the costs of production of all ADA publications are fully covered by subscriptions and sales and do not rely on advertising for their funding.

  • No advertorial-type articles or commentary are accepted or included in ADA publications.


Further detail may be obtained by ringing (02) 6231-4444 or by email to advertising.