"Defender": Autumn 2004

The complete issue may be downloaded here. Individual pdf versions of key commentary, articles and reviews may be downloaded below. The Major Furphy column may be downloaded separately from the Major Furphy page.


Defence debate or national security pantomime: Do we have a defence debate or a national security pantomime


Report of the Joint Parliamentary Inquiry into Iraq WMD Assessments

Moving on from the joint parliamentary committee's recommendations on Intelligence agency reform

Strategic benefits of the Darwin-Adelaide Railway

A real pre-budget debate on defence is needed

Chinese intimidation of Taiwan backfires again

An unfortunate resurgence of the discredited and outdated Defence-of-Australia dogma in some Labor Party circles


Learning and Nonsense by Des Moore

Micro States or Broken-backed States by Dr Malcolm Kennedy

Decoding the Polemics and the Jargon on Ballistic Missile Defence by Dr Rod Lyon

Border Protection and the Limits of ADF Obedience by Dr Hugh Smith

Sky Marshals: Interim Measure or Only Solution by Brigadier Jim Wallace (Retd)

Stretching the F-111 Past 2010 by Dr Carlo Kopp

May the Force Be With You: Maximising the ADF's Strategic Air Mobility
by Brigadier Brian Cooper (Retd)


Alamein: The Australian Story by Mark Johnston and Dr Peter Stanley
(reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

A Bastard of a Place: The Australians in Papua by Peter Brune
(reviewed by Peter Ryan)

The Return of the Exiles: Australia's Repatriation of the Indonesians 1945–47 by Frank Bennett
(reviewed by Professor Jamie Mackie)

Alias Chin Peng: My Side of History by Chin Peng
(reviewed by Professor Peter Edwards)

The Face of Naval Battle: The Human Experience of Naval War at Sea
by Dr John Reeve and Dr David Stevens (editors)
(reviewed by Rear Admiral Gerry Carwardine, RAN (Retd)

Future Armies, Future Challenges: Land Warfare in the Information Age
by Dr Michael Evans, Dr Russell Parkin and Dr Alan Ryan (editors)
(reviewed by Professor Jeffrey Grey)

Sexing It Up: Iraq, Intelligence and Australia by Geoffrey Barker
(reviewed by Dr Hugh Smith)

Al Qa'eda: Casting a Shadow of Terror by Jason Bourke
(reviewed by Tony LeRay-Meyer)