"Defender": Spring 2003

The complete issue may be downloaded here. Individual pdf versions of key commentary, articles and reviews may be downloaded below. The Major Furphy column may be downloaded separately from the Major Furphy page.


Vision, coherence and rigour: The need for vision, coherence and rigour in national security planning


The ADA's submission to the Joint Parliamentary Inquiry into the intelligence assessments on Iraqi WMD addressed several strategic and professional issues not covered by most other submissions

Where did the Iraqi WMD go?

Poor standard of debate on both sides continues concerning Australian participation in the Coalition intervention in Iraq

Finally, and after several years of ADA warnings in this regard, real assistance is being provided to our South Pacific neighbours. It will, however, now cost more, take longer and be more difficult than if it had been undertaken when it first should have been

The Six-Party talks with North Korea continue to lead nowhere

One year after Bali: Transnational terrorism by Islamist extremists

The dilemmas with existing international law and the detention of terrorists

Even in this day and age completion of the Darwin-Adelaide Railway is a matter of strategic significance

The Kinnaird Review leads to yet another restructuring of the Department of Defence


The West and its Challenges by Tony Abbott, MHR

Taking Stock of Terrorism by Dr Greg Barton

Rethinking the Defence of Australia by Dr Paul Monk

Niche Forces: First Thoughts from an Army Perspective by Brigadier John Essex-Clark (Retd)

Northern Exposure: Developing a Multi-Capability Approach to maritime Surveillance and Resource Protection by Ian Bostock


The Spirit of Kokoda Then and Now by Patrick Lindsay
(reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

Military Stress and Performance: The Australian Defence Force Experience
by George E. Kearney, Mark Creamer, Ric Marshall and Anne Goyne
(reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel David Schmidtchen)

The Battle History of the Royal New South Wales Regiment: Volume I, 1885–1918
by Major General Gordon L. Maitland (Retd)
(reviewed by Brigadier Phil Carey (Retd))

The Battle History of the Royal New South Wales Regiment: Volume II, 1939–1945
by Major General Gordon L. Maitland (Retd)
(reviewed by Brigadier Phil Carey (Retd))

Operation Orders: The Experience of a Young Australian Army Officer 1963 to 1970
by Brigadier Pat Beale (Retd)
(reviewed by Neil James)

The Once and Future Army: A History of the Citizen Military Forces, 1947–1974
by Dr Dayton McCarthy
(reviewed by Neil James)

Howard's War by Alison Broinowski
(reviewed by Neil James)