"Defender": Spring 2004

The complete issue may be downloaded here. Individual pdf versions of key commentary, articles and reviews may be downloaded below. The Major Furphy column may be downloaded separately from the Major Furphy page.


Another wasted election opportunity: Defence issues were poorly debated during the 2004 election campaign


Letter from 34 ex-diplomats, 3 former Defence mandarins and 6 retired ADF officers fails to help real public debate on Australia's involvement in Iraq and probably did more harm than good

The dilemmas caused when you try to negotiate with terrorists about their hostages

Choice of new trooplift helicopter for the ADF is the correct one

The myth of the 'national security election' in 2004

Islamist terrorists must be so described to protect all concerned, especially mainstream Muslims

New Zealand's new multi-role vessel will be useful addition to the NZDF (and the ADF)

High Court decision on the applicability of the Defence Force Discipline Act in the Alpert case is the correct one

China continues to intimidate Taiwan and bully those countries who oppose such intimidation and the regional and wider instability it engenders


An Alliance of Shared Commitment by Ambassador Thomas Schieffer

Strategic Policing in a Complex Security Environment by Commissioner Mick Keelty,
Australian Federal Police

Picking Up After the Flood Review of the Intelligence Agencies by Neil James

To Normandy: Then and Now by Commodore Dacre Smyth, RAN (Retd)

Professional Military Education in the ADF by Professor Jeffrey Grey

Amphibious Manoeuvre: On and Off the Water by Howard Anson


No Pleasure Cruise: The Story of the Royal Australian Navy by Dr Tom Frame
(reviewed by Dr Sam Bateman)

Inventing Anzac: The Digger and National Mythology by Graham Seal
(reviewed by Professor Jeffrey Grey)

The Battle of Long Tan: As Told by the Commanders to Bob Grandin by Bob Grandin
(reviewed by Dr Alan Stephens)

True Believer: John Howard, George Bush and the American Alliance by Robert Garran
(reviewed by Dr Hugh Smith)

A Certain Maritime Incident: The Sinking of SIEV X by Tony Kevin
(reviewed by Dr Tom Frame)

Ruxton: A Biography by Anne Blair
(reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

State-Building, Governance and World Order in the Twenty-First Century by Francis Fukuyama
(reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

Axis of Deceit: The Story of the Intelligence Officer Who Risked All to Tell the Truth
About WMD and Iraq
by Andrew Wilkie
(reviewed by Neil James)