"Defender": Summer 2003/04

The complete issue may be downloaded here. Individual pdf versions of key commentary, articles and reviews may be downloaded below. The Major Furphy column may be downloaded separately from the Major Furphy page.


Strategy must determine resourcing: Strategy must determine defence resourcing not vice versa


Parliamentary committee inquiry into Iraqi WMD assessments

Australian legislation on banning terrorist groups requires reform

Shipbuilding program in the revised Defence Capability Plan

Problems with the sale of the Australian Submarine Corporation

Flawed planning in the construction of the ADF's northern airbases revealed

Some underlying reasons for problems in the contemporary defence debate


Reversing Our March of Folly by Mark Latham

Remembrance Day: Then and Now by Dr Tom Frame

The Defence Capability Review: A Summary by Trevor J. Thomas

Indonesian Ambivalence Towards Terrorism by Dr Greg Fealy

Nuclear Proliferation Treaty Under Threat by Professor Robyn Lim

Army Spoilt for Choice in Tank Quest by Ian Bostock


From Gallipoli to Gaza: The Desert Poets of World War I by Jill Hamilton
(reviewed by Michael Thwaites)

Horseman, Pass By: The Australian Light Horse in World War I by Lindsay Baly
(reviewed by Neil James)

The Spirit of the Digger: Then & Now by Patrick Lindsay
(reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

The First World War: A New Illustrated History by Professor Hew Strachan
(reviewed by Neil James)

The Third Force: ANGAU's New Guinea War 1942–46 by Alan Powell
(reviewed by Michael O'Connor)

D-Day: The Greatest Invasion – A People's History by Dan Van Der Vat
(reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

On the Offensive: The Australian Army in the Vietnam War January 1967 – June 1968
by Dr Ian McNeill and Dr Ashley Ekins
(reviewed by Brigadier John Essex-Clark (Retd))