"Defender": Summer 2004/05

The complete issue may be downloaded here. Individual pdf versions of key commentary, articles and reviews may be downloaded below. The Major Furphy column may be downloaded separately from the Major Furphy page.


Compacting defence: Proposals to amend the Federal Compact on health and education responsibilities between the Commonwealth and the States must take account of the additional risk that defence resourcing will be cut even further


All parties failed to address real defence issues adequately in the 2004 federal election campaign

Continued unexplained delay with Project Overlander (re-equipment of the Army's light, medium and heavy general service vehicles and trailers)

What the Defence Materiel Organisation appears to be costing the taxpayer in overheads

Why the Auditor-General again qualified the accounts of the Department of Defence

Continued delays in the Government appointing a new director at the Canberra-based and quasi-independent Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) risks lack of direction


Understanding the Challenge of Islamist Terrorism in Order to Counter It
by Dennis Richardson (Director-General ASIO)

Can We Avoid War With Islam by Professor Paul Dibb and Geoffrey Barker

Endemic Instability of the South Pacific by Professor Helen Hughes

Rebuilding the Australian Merchant Navy by Vice Admiral David Leach, Dr David Leece,
Peter Dent and Douglas McDonald

The ASLAV in Iraq by Captain Tim Hales

The Taking of Fallujah: Early Insights and Observationsby Ian Bostock


Goodbye Cobber, God Bless You: The Fatal Charge of the Light Horse, Gallipoli, August 7th, 1915
by John Hamilton (reviewed by Dr Michael McKernan)

Kokoda by Paul Ham
(reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

Kokoda Commander: A Life of Major General 'Tubby' Allenby Stuart Braga
(reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

On Shaggy Ridge: The Australian Seventh Division in the Ramu Valley – From Kaiapit to the Finisterresby Phillip Bradley (reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

Chester Wilmot Reports by Neil McDonald
(reviewed by Matt Brown)

Other People's Wars: A History of Australian Peacekeepingby Dr Peter Londey
(reviewed by Neil James)

Reluctant Saviour: Australia, Indonesia and the Independence of East Timor by Clinton Fernandes (reviewed by Dr Brian Ridge)

Indonesia's Struggle: Jemaah Islamiyah and the Soul of Islam by Dr Greg Barton
(reviewed by Tony LeRay-Meyer)

The Geopolitics of East Asia: The Search for Equilibrium by Professor Robyn Lim
(reviewed by Neil James)

Australian Defence Almanac 2004-2005 by Raspal Khosa and Dr Mark Thomson
(reviewed by Neil James)