"Defender": Winter 2004

The complete issue may be downloaded here. Individual pdf versions of key commentary, articles and reviews may be downloaded below. The Major Furphy column may be downloaded separately from the Major Furphy page.


Credibility overboard again: The credibility of the Department of Defence is overboard again following information flow bungling over the allegations concerning Abu Ghraib prison


Debate on Australian commitment to Iraq balanced only by reciprocal flaws

Defence aspects of the 2004/05 federal budget effectively mean more gambling with our future

New trooplift helicopter decision is tied to question of LHD survivability

Subjective analogies between Iraq and Vietnam wars do not assist public debate

Real analogies between Iraq and Vietnam wars offer some lessons

Hypocrisy in much of the argument about interference in Australian domestic debate by the US

The National Party in New Zealand re-examines Kiwi nuclear shibboleths

Deficiencies in ADF bomb disposal capability


The Government Perspective on Iraq by Prime Minister John Howard

The Labor Perspective on Iraq by Senator Chris Evans

Keeping the US Alliance in Perspective by Tony Parkinson

Papua New Guinea: On the Road to Nowhere or Somewhere by Mark Forbes

Reforming Our Intelligence Apparatus: The Human Factor Over the Institutional by Warren Reed

Archipelagic Manoeuvre Warfare for the ADF by Paul Hendley

Combined-arms Teams: Lessons From Iraq by T.E. Shaw


Castles of Steel: Britain, Germany, and the Winning of the Great War at Sea by Robert K. Massie (reviewed by Commodore Jack McCaffrie, RAN (Retd))

On the Warpath: An Anthology of Australian Military Travel by Robin Gerster and Peter Pierce (Editors)
(reviewed by Dr Malcolm Kennedy)

Krazy Hor: A Soldier's Story by Stan Krasnoff
(reviewed by Brigadier John Essex-Clark (Retd))

Redcoats to Cams: A History of Australian Infantry 1788 to 2001 by Ian Kuring
(reviewed by Neil James)

Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen and Leadership in Wartime by Eliot Cohen
(reviewed by Bill Deane)

Target North Korea: Pushing North Korea to the Brink of Catastrophe by Professor Gavan McCormack (reviewed by Neil James)

Terrorism Explained: The Facts About Terrorism and Terrorist Groups by Clive Williams
(reviewed by Tony LeRay-Meyer)

Living By The Sword: The Ethics of Armed Intervention by Dr Tom Frame
(reviewed by Neil James)