Formal Comment by the Australia Defence Association: 2005

Military justice inquiry

The military justice system is broken but holistic and careful reform is required

Recruiting, retention and remuneration

An old digger joke begins “what do you call a politician who promises to improve defence force conditions of service” — with the rejoinder being “the Opposition”.

Defence budget 2005/06

The real situation behind the budget-day hype, gunsmoke and mirrors

Abduction of Douglas Wood

It really depends on who seized him and who now has him.

Appointment of new CDF

The ADA welcomes the appointment of Air Marshal Angus Houston as Chief of the Defence Force.

Sea King helicopter crash on Nias

It is too early to speculate as to the exact cause of the Sea King helicopter crash on Nias but a key question must inevitably be why we have made our Navy continue to operate such old aircraft.

Iraq: New commitment but old lessons re-learned

The commitment to Al Muthanna Province underlines real deficiencies in our defence force.

Iraq: Increased commitment

An air of inevitability surrounded our increased commitment in Al Muthanna Province.

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