Formal Comment by the Australia Defence Association: 2006

National service

There is no point discussing national service schemes without understanding what previous schemes involved and why they were instituted. Moreover, national service is only necessary strategically when our defence force needs to be increased by very large numbers, quickly and equitably. Our current strategic situation is not one of those times.

ADF equipment procurement

The ADA welcomes the report of the Review of Combat Clothing Procurement and the Government's adoption of the review's recommendations. Such procurement, of course, is only a small part of the complex problem of adequately equipping and sustaining the entire defence force for the future.

How stretched is the ADF?

The defence force is stretched but not over-stretched by current deployments but its ability to handle additional crises may be constrained (depending on the nature of the crisis).

Defence woes

Why are there so many problems in the Department of Defence at present?

Brendan Nelson takes over

Dr Brendan Nelson’s appointment as Minister for Defence has certainly set tongues wagging.

Afghanistan: Increased commitment

New commitment to Afghanistan reflects the dynamic situation, as does the exit strategy for Iraq.

New sedition laws

All Australians have a reciprocal citizenship obligation not to assist an enemy our government deploys our defence force to fight. Sedition and treachery laws are therefore essential and in no way affect peaceful and responsible democratic dissent.

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