"Anzackery": A draft dictionary definition

Some commemorations of the 100th anniversary of World War I ending continue to suffer from Anzackery.


Anzackery ~ n. 1. nationalistic, laudatory and distorted portrayals of Anzac history with little regard to accuracy or context;  2. hyperbolic rhetoric extolling the supposed place of Anzac in history; 3. jingoistic mythology or praise concerning Anzac exploits, usually at the derogatory expense of allied or enemy combatants; 4. shameless exploitation of Anzac commemoration and sentiment for commercial, political or authorial gain. 5. fixation on inaccurate or actual Anzac history at the expense of considering Australia’s current and future strategic security needs.


The term "Anzackery" was originally coined by the historian Geoffrey Serle in 1967.


Its definition has evolved over time and continues to be debated among historians and more widely.


The ADA offers this version as an objective attempt to remove ideological opinion from some of the argument.


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