Please debate Australia's role in the Afghanistan War responsibly and sensitively

Debate the war by all means, but at least have the consideration and sensitivity to wait a week or two while the grief of each digger's family peaks.

Letter to The Australian

Friday, 31 August 2012
(published Saturday, 01 September 2012)

Australia is at war in Afghanistan, not just the defence force that our governments have lawfully deployed to fight this UN-endorsed action.

This means all of us have significant responsibilities to the men and women of our defence force and their families.

Five more of these families and many friends are now grieving the loss of sons, brothers, husbands and mates.

Could those prone to simplistic, opportunistic or subjective theorising about Australia’s commitment not being worth it, as they see it, please show some sensitivity to the grieving families.

Debate the war by all means, but at least wait a week or two while each family’s grief peaks.

And then debate it with facts, understanding and consideration, not simplistic sloganeering about “deaths in vain” or “quitting” as a supposed panacea.

The real practical and moral questions are whether Australia’s strategic security risks would be increased or decreased by either withdrawing (precipitately or not) or persevering.


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