Anzac mythology from both ideological extremes hampers due consideration of Australia's future strategic security risks

Both ideological extremes are guilty of conceptually simplistic and generally ahistoric mythology about the Gallipoli campaign. Made worse because so many of those involved are unable to recognise that their opinions are extreme and/or uninformed historically. Such mistaken opinions about the past are harmful because they often result in Australians ignoring or making mistaken judgements about Australia's future strategic security risks.


Letter to The Canberra Times
Wednesday, 29 April 2015
(published Saturday, 03 May 2015)

D.J. Fraser (letters, April 29) seems to have oddly reversed the very point being made by the Australia Defence Association [in our letter of 22 April below].

Anzac mythology on all sides hampers due consideration of Australia’s future strategic security risks.

Ideological mythology about World War I being a “foreign war” somehow divorced from Australia’s then strategic interests is just as conceptually simplistic as traditional jingoist myths about the “nation being born at Gallipoli”.


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