Isolationist pseudo-solutions to strategic challenges ignore ethical, legal and practical considerations

"Letting" Australians embracing Islamist terrorism go overseas is the type of impulsive reaction that results when ethics, practicalities and the relevant international law are ignored. Such isolationist impulses and lack of understanding occur when ideological fervour, complacency and the invalid belief that foreign lives somehow do not matter over-ride commonsense, respect for the universality of international humanitarian law and Australia's obligations under the UN Charter.


Letter to The Canberra Times
Wednesday, 11 May 2016
(published Saturday, 14 May 2016)

Leon Arundell’s questioning (Letters, May 11) of why Australia chooses to fight Islamist terrorists overseas, and his claim “they pose no threat to Australia while they remain” there, ignore fundamental ethical and legal responsibilities.

Both to the many victims of such terrorism and to international humanitarian law in general.

Where some of these terrorists in Syria and Iraq are or were Australians our responsibility to comply with the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions — to stop such terrorist migration to “Islamic State” and to help defend Iraq from that group’s many atrocities —  is surely beyond any reasonable doubt.

Moreover, if Australian traitors anywhere are hell bent on killing people here in Australia we also have a practical need to deter, punish and deal with such treachery at source and elsewhere.

Not to pretend that such serious crimes somehow do not matter if they mainly or only affect foreigners.    

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