Corrections to inaccurate media and other reports about the Australia Defence Association

These links note corrections to significant factual or contextual inaccuracy, misquotation, misrepresentation or sensationalism in media and other reporting of Australia Defence Association policy or commentary.



Misquotation by the "Australian Financial Review"

Misquotation of the ADA concerning the Senate Inquiry into Defence Housing Australia and a reference to the AFP by the Department of Finance concerning an aspect of DHA operations.

Misrepresentation by the "Sunday Herald Sun"

This correction to the record notes and corrects significant misquotation, misrepresentation, sensationalism and other unprofessional reporting by Samantha Maiden of News Ltd. Given the detailed explanations of the ADA position provided to her we believe the extent and nature of the subsequent misrepresentation in her "story" could not have been anything other than deliberate.

Apology to the ADA by the ABC

On 27 and 28 October 2009, in answer to a complaint by the ADA on 10 September 2009, the ABC finally admitted significant inaccuracies in a "7.30 Report" story broadcast on Wednesday, 09 September 2009. This concerned serious mistakes about the employment of females in the ADF and the program's serious and unprofessional misrepresentation of the ADA stance on broadening such employment.

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