Recent radio, television, press and on-line discussions with Australia Defence Association participation

Working with the media is integral to the Australia Defence Association's independent public-interest watchdog role, especially our public education and our long-term focused public-interest advocacy responsibilities. These records include transcripts, audio archives or podcasts from media interviews, discussion programs and on-line opinion fora featuring longer or more significant ADA input on a topic of particular public interest at the time.

Transcripts or podcasts from radio or television news programs are generally not featured because they are rarely available and the short "news-grab" format involved means ADA commentary is necessarily very limited anyway and usually subject to significant truncation. Especially where TV news fits comments into the vision they have available, rather than covers all aspects of the issue concerned in much detail.

Please also note that selective or out-of-context quotation, or other heavy editing, means some news interviews do not end up accurately or fairly reflecting the ADA's actual policy position because they have not included our full comments.

Some commentary from major daily current affairs programs is also included below, even if relatively brief, where the importance of the subject warrants it.

Detail on podcasting software can be found at:

If you wish to enquire about matters raised in these programs, or provide feedback to the ADA on its commentary generally, you can do so on our enquiries or feedback pages respectively.

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