Interviews: 2009

This archive records links to transcripts, audio archives or podcasts from media interviews, discussion programs and on-line opinion fora featuring input from the Australia Defence Association during 2009.

The "myth of the digger"

14 September 2009, ABC Radio National, "Counterpoint"

The Myth of the Digger


ADA comment on the myth that Australians are such natural soldiers that we can permanently under-fund our national defence and avoid prudent planning for future strategic challenges.

ADF: Women in combat

09 September 2009, ABC Television, "7:30 Report"

Aussie Combat Women

The 7:30 Report attempted to discuss the issue of the defence force's employment of female personnel in combat positions.

The program included numerous factual errors. It was based on several fallacious assumptions (such as no women are undertaking combat tasks now). Most importantly it did not address the key issues in a balanced manner and in some cases did not address them at all.

On the following day the ADA raised these errors with the ABC and also pointed out that the editing of ADA comment had been done so badly it had seriously misrepresented the Association's position.

Our complaint and the ABC's eventual apology can be found on our media corrections page.

On 27 October 2009 (six and a half weeks later) the ABC admitted fault to some extent and notated the transcript of the program on the ABC website accordingly.

Corrected Transcript

Iraq: ADF withdrawal

12 May 2009, ABC Radio National, "AM"

Date set for Australian troop withdrawal from Iraq

ADA comment on the announced withdrawal of the last ADF elements from the international force in Iraq by 31 July 2009.

ADF: Special Forces pay bungle

01 April 2009, ABC Radio National, "AM"

Audit report says Minister ignored

ADA comment on the KPMG report on the Special Forces pay bungle.

ADF: Recruiting improves

06 January 2009, ABC TV, "The 7.30 Report"

Defence Force lures recruits in tough times

There are early signs the financial crisis is encouraging many to seek job security by joining the Australian Defence Force. Applications to join the defence force were up by 20 per cent in the three months to the end of November, compared to the same time the previous year.

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