Interviews: 2010

This archive records links to transcripts, audio archives or podcasts from media interviews, discussion programs and on-line opinion fora featuring input from the Australia Defence Association during 2010.

ADF personnel: Gender reassignment surgery

07 November 2010, Channel 7, "Sunday Night"

Gender reassignment surgery for ADF personnel

ADA comment on media and public controversy concerning an ADF officer undergoing gender reassignment treatment.

Afghanistan: Uninformed comment on the charging of three commandos

13 October 2010, ABC Radio National, "PM"

Problems with uninformed media and public discussion of the legal processes involved with the charging of three comandos over a battlefield accident in Afghanistan

ADA comment concerning the dangers of party-political comment, and uninformed discussions on the Web and talkback radio, concerning the legal processes involved with the laying of charges against three commandos over a battlefield accident in Afghanistan in February 2009. The fair trial these soldiers deserve and need should not be prejudiced by the silly discussions being undertaken, especially on talkback radio.

Maiden speech by Jane Prentice

30 September 2010, 612 ABC Brisbane, "Breakfast Show"

Maiden speech by the new member for the federal seat of Ryan

ADA comment on how few members of parliament now have personal, family or even extended-family experience of the military or war.

Afghanistan: Possible disciplinary charges

27 August 2010, ABC Radio National, "AM"

Australian soldiers may be charged over Afghanistan raid

ADA comment on the legal and operational background to possible charges (see also Afghanistan: Possible Charges).

Afghanistan: Australia's dilemmas

22 June 2010, 4BC, "Michael Smith program"

The price of war

ADA comment on Australia's strategic and moral dilemmas with prosecuting the war in Afghanistan

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