Interviews: 2011

This archive records links to transcripts, audio archives or podcasts from media interviews, discussion programs and on-line opinion fora featuring input from the Australia Defence Association during 2011.

Death of Osama bin Laden

09 July 2011, ABC1, The Big Idea on TV

The death of Osama bin Laden: Murder or Justice?

Broadcast of a discussion at Manning Clark House in Canberra on 02 June 2011 between ADA executive director, Neil James, and the Imam of a Canberra mosque, Adam Konda, concerning the legitimacy of killing Osama bin Laden by military force.

ADF: Allegations of workplace bullying

14 June 2011, 2UE, Interview with David Oldfield

Allegations of workplace bullying in the ADF during the 1980s and 1990s

ADA comment on the previous night's 4-Corners program about allegations of past workplace bullying in the defence force.

Afghanistan: ADF casualties

07 June 2011, ABC News-24, Afternoon Live

Casualties in the Afghanistan War

ADA comment about continuing problems with public debate on the war in Afghanistan following the death in action of Sapper Rowan Robinson.

Afghanistan: Gauging progress

24 May 2011, 6PR, Howard Sattler Program

Interview on the death in action of Sergeant Brett Wood

ADA comment on the death of Sergeant Wood, progress in the Afghanistan War and the problem of growing community disengagement with our defence force.

Q&A Anzac Day special

25 April 2011, ABC TV, Q&A

Anzac Day Special: Women in uniform

Panel discussion on various issues to do with Australia and its defence force, especially the employment of female personnel.

The ADA's comprehensive discussion paper on the issue of employing even more female personnel in combat positions can be found here.

Media misinformation and sensationalism

18 April 2011, ABC TV, News Breakfast

Defence Association criticises media over sex reports (11 minutes)

The executive director of the Australia Defence Association is interviewed about allegations of abuse in the defence force. He points out that much of the public outrage is not based on fact, but on false assumptions, generally stemming from media misinformation and sensationalism.

ADFA: Is military culture really the problem?

11 April 2011, ABC Radio National, Australia Talks

Military Culture

ADA participation in a panel discussion about the recent incident at the Australian Defence Force Academy where a female cadet in her tenth week at the Academy was filmed, apparently without her consent, during consensual sex and the images relayed to six other new cadets.

ADFA: Sexual misconduct

08 April 2011, 4BC (Brisbane), Morning discussion program with Greg Carey

Sexual misconduct at the Australian Defence Force Academy

ADA comment on a female cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy being filmed without her apparent consent during consensual sex with another first-year cadet.

Afghanistan: Panel debate

09 March 2011, Sky News, "Richo"

The Afghanistan Debate (Programs Page, Richo, Episode 3, 2011) (38 minutes)

ADA participation in a panel debate on Australian participation in the war in Afghanistan.

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