Interviews: 2012-13

This archive records links to transcripts, audio archives or podcasts from radio and television interviews and discussion programs featuring substantial input from the Australia Defence Association during 2012 and 2013.

Can the Navy be moved out of Sydney Harbour

27 August 2013, "Breaking Politics" (Fairfax Media TV): The implications of a potential move of the Navy's Fleet Base East from Garden Island in Sydney Harbour are discussed by ADA executive director, Neil James.

Therese Rein visiting Afghanistan

29 July 2013, 2GB: Potential implications of a spouse accompanying a PM to a war zone are discussed by ADA executive director, Neil James.

New Coalition plan to tackle people smuggling

25 July 2013, ABC News24 "Capital Hill": Potential problems with aspects of the Coalition's proposed plan to tackle asylum people smuggling are discussed by ADA executive director, Neil James. The ADA's formal comment about these concerns can be found at

Panel discussion on modern asylum-seeking

01 July 2013, ABC "Big Ideas": The "wicked problem" of modern asylum seeking was discussed by a panel at the Noosa Long Weekend Festival on 16 June 2013. Especially how Australia's much different geo-strategic situation to most countries causes particular practical, legal and moral dilemmas with implementation of our resonsibilities under the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Use of psychotropic drugs to treat PTSD

24 April 2013, ABC "Lateline": The potential dangers in using certain psychotropic drugs during the treatment of serving and former defence force personnel suffering PTSD are discussed by ADA executive director, Neil James.

ABC News24: "Capital Hill" panel discussion on the consequences of cutting defence investment

28 September 2012: Panellists comprised Neil James from the ADA, Peter Jenkins from ASPI and Dr Ben Schreer from the SDSC at ANU.

Release of the Phase-2 HREOC Report on Women in the ADF

22 August 2012, ABC News Radio: Preliminary ADA comment on the release of the Phase-2 Report by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission concerning female employment in our defence force (the Broderick Report).

Insensitive comments about Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith and his spouse

29 February 2012, 6PR (Perth), Interview with Howard Sattler. ADA condemnation of highly insensitive comments made on the the Channel 10 television program "The Circle" about Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith, VC, MG, and his spouse.
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