ADA professional group within LinkedIn

ADA members and employees of ADA corporate members who have joined the (social media) professional network known as LinkedIn are invited to join the ADA professional group within LinkedIn.



To access the ADA professional group you have to already be on LinkedIn.

Please also note that the ADA professional group on LinkedIn is a closed group. This means you need to apply to join or, alternatively, we can invite you to join (but only if we are able to discover you are on LinkedIn).

You can join LinkedIn  here.


Group rules

The group rules note (in part):

Members of the Australia Defence Association professional group within LinkedIn need to be individual members of the Association or employees of a company or institution that is a corporate member of the ADA.

The purpose of the LinkedIn sub-group of the ADA is essentially threefold. 

First, it helps alert ADA members to the much more comprehensive commentary and background material on the Association website at, facilitates informed discussion about current issues covered in such commentary, and helps refine ADA research and advocacy.

Second, it allows a certain measure of confidentiality in professional discussions among the membership.

Third, the group helps demonstrate the depth and breadth of the ADA's professional, academic and corporate membership as Australia's independent, non-partisan, community-based, public-interest watchdog organisation for defence and wider national security matters.

If you are not already an Association member you need to join the ADA once your provisional membership of this LinkedIn group is accepted. The quickest and easiest way to join the the ADA is to complete the electronic application form on our website at  

Applying to join the ADA group within LinkedIn means you accept your obligation to join the ADA. Your membership of this group is only probationary until you do so and will have to be withdrawn if you do not meet your ADA membership obligation.


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