General enquiries to the Australia Defence Association

Thank you for your enquiry to the Australia Defence Association.

Vibrant, informed and objective public debate is essential for Australia's defence and wider national security.

  • This link enables you to send general enquiries to the ADA.
  • It also details your responsibilities when making an enquiry.
  • We will make every attempt to answer your enquiry if you identify yourself and your enquiry is expressed concisely, reasonably and politely.
  • If your email contact with the ADA is to provide feedback — rather than make an enquiry — you need to send your email to our feedback link instead. Otherwise it will be filtered out as spam and remain undelivered.
  • Commonly asked questions about the ADA are answered on our frequently-asked-questions pages.

Your responsibilities

  • Please note that because of occasional mischievous, dishonest or crank enquiries your email enquiry to the ADA will also be filtered out as spam and remain undelivered unless you:

    • Fill in the subject line of your email with a specific and relevant entry that assists us in directing it to the best person to answer you.

    • State your enquiry clearly, succinctly and politely.

    • Include enough information and context to enable us to provide you with a viable answer.

    • Ensure that your comments are not illegal, defamatory, offensive, repetitious, meaningless or otherwise deficient in contributing to informed public debate.

    • Have the courtesy and integrity to identify yourself appropriately — as we do in our public comment and on this website. This enables both of us to have a proper discussion by the most effective and timely means, and not be constricted by delayed, time-consuming and subject-limiting email exchanges. This means you providing your:

      • first name and family name,

      • telephone number,

      • postal address, and

      • email address.

  • Finally, please note that an alleged name, nickname and/or your email address alone are not sufficient identification to prove your bonafides. Especially if you are using a generic web-based email provider (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc).

Addresses for your enquiries

  • Our postal address for enquiries is: Australia Defence Association, PO Box 320, Erindale Centre, ACT, 2903, Australia
  • Your email enquiries can be forwarded to ADA enquiries and will be processed if you have met your community discourse responsibilities as detailed above.
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