Links to defence and strategic security-related websites in Australia and overseas

Effective public debate on defence and wider national security issues is greatly strengthened by a balance of informed views being widely available and an effective interplay of these views occurring.

A range of inputs means that analysis and discussion of Australia's strategic security situation benefits from a diversity of informed views.

The inputs needed include defence force professional institutions (such as the Service think-tanks listed below), departmental policy staffs, academic think-tanks, political parties, independent public interest watchdogs (such as the ADA), and interested and motivated individuals. 

The inclusion of a link below does not necessarily indicate or imply endorsement of that website or organisation, or the accuracy of its information, by the Australia Defence Association. This list also does not pretend to be complete. If you wish to suggest further sites, please send us an email.



Department of Defence

This is the website of Australia's Department of Defence. It includes links to each of the Services, ministerial and departmental press releases, extensive photo libraries and much more. You can follow the internal links or go directly to the Navy, Army and Air Force professional 'think-tanks':

RAN Sea Power Centre;

Land Warfare Studies Centre, and

 RAAF Air Power Development Centre.

Australian Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
The JSCFADT has sub-committees which provide all-party parliamentary oversight of foreign affairs, defence, trade and human rights issues, and oversight of government policy and machinery-of-government processes and activities in these regards. The committee's website covers its current work (including written and oral submissions to inquiries from members of the public) and past reports to parliament on completed inquiries.

Australian Strategic Policy Institute (Canberra)
ASPI is a Canberra-based and largely Defence Department-funded strategic policy institute run under the auspices of an independent governing council appointed by the Australian Government. The institute has generally contributed a beneficial and fresh approach to the independent review of strategic and defence policy, especially in the absence of much vibrant academic input from the university-based think-tanks since the late 1990s. ASPI reports are now thorough and objective but in the Institute's early years some exhibited biases towards the outlook, methods and solutions favoured by traditional civilian bureaucratic elements of the Department of Defence.

Strategic and Defence Studies Centre (Canberra)

SDSC is located in the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University in Canberra. SDSC was in slow and steady decline throughout the 1990s and early 2000s but is now showing some signs of intellectual recovery. SDSC is also involved with the respected post-graduate programs in strategic and defence studies run by ANU.

Future Directions International (Perth)

FDI is a commercially and philanthropically-funded think-tank located in Perth, Western Australia, with some associations with the five Western Australian universities. It seeks to provide independent strategic advice on Australia's global interests. In practice this tends to focus on economic, commercial, environmental and resource issues, many with a Western Australian connection, rather than national defence matters specifically although it does provide good coverage of Indian Ocean security developments.

Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society (Canberra)

ACSACS is a multi-disciplinary research centre at UNSW in Canberra. It is the successor to the Australian Defence Studies Centre (1987-2004) and the  Defence Studies Forum (2004-2012) fostered by UNSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy. The centre is also involved with the extensive and widely respected post-graduate programs in defence studies run by UNSW at ADFA.

Air Power Australia
This website seeks to promote the contribution of air power to the defence of Australia and to stimulate public and parliamentary debate on air power and related topics.

Thales Australia
The website of Australia's major defence manufacturer.

BAE Systems Australia
The website of Australia's largest defence contractor.

Rumour Control
Information and a blog on Australian defence developments maintained up until 2008 by a journalist who specialises in defence industry issues.

Australian Army History Unit
The website of the unit responsible for recording the history of the Australian Army and the preservation of its heritage.

Janes Defence Publications
Search from this page for what you want. You may have to pay.

UK Ministry of Defence
A good starting point for a wide range of British defence and strategic security links.

US Department of Defense
A good starting point to the defence world in the United States.

US and Other Military
A good starting point for exploring the US defence world.

US Information Service
Lots of up-to-date official statements from the US State Department.

ADA icon - click on the adjacent link to visit this web site

Conference of Defence Associations Institute (Canada)
The CDAI is the Canadian counterpart of the ADA although it is predominantly ex-Service based and the parent CDA incorporates some cross-organisational co-ordination functions undertaken in Australia by the RSL. The ADA and CDAI keep in regular contact because both countries often share similar challenges concerning strategic policy, defence capability development, and political indifference and investment neglect. This website also provides a useful opening into a range of other Canadian sites covering strategic security and defence issues.

United Kingdom National Defence Association
The UKNDA is the British counterpart of the ADA established in 2007.

Singapore Armed Forces
Good material on Singapore's defence policy and capabilities.

Defence Data Ltd
Extensive coverage of up-to-the-minute defence news from around the world.

Defense Web
Useful data including regular updates on mainly US defence issues.

Naval Technology
a generic web site for the naval defence industry. Site includes news on current projects and developments, an equipment, products and services guide, exhibition and conference listings, an industry associations' directory, as well as a comprehensive links page to many international government and non-government defence resources. Go here for the army equivalent and here for the air force version.

A large digest of defence-related information.

More aircraft
Search engine for military aviation topics.

Military Aircraft Database
Net-based military aviation encyclopedia.

US missiles
Good material on a wide range of American missiles with links to other missile data.

Australia - New Zealand Military Impostors
This website seeks to discourage, and if necessary expose, Australians and New Zealanders who masquerade as war veterans despite having no operational service experience.

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