Core policy basis of the ADA


The following points constitute our core interests concerning adequate provision for Australia's long-term strategic security:

  • An accountable, integrated and flexible structure for making strategic security, defence and wider national security decisions with a long-term focus;
  • A practical and effective balance between potentially competing needs for civil liberties, community security and short-term budgetary priorities versus long-term national investment needs;
  • Intellectually and professionally robust means of continually assessing Australia's external strategic and domestic security situations;
  • The sustained allocation of adequate national resources to all our strategic security, defence and wider national security needs according to such robust means (rather than tailoring supposed "assessments" and plans to the funding levels, bureaucratic fashions and partisan policies thought to be acceptable politically in the short term);
  • Integrated and deterrent defence and national security strategies based on the protection and support of our sovereign freedom-of-action and other enduring national interests;
  • The development and maintenance of an adequate defence force capable of executing the defence aspects of Australian national strategy; and
  • The development and maintenance of manufacturing and service industries capable of developing and sustaining defence force capabilities and operations



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