Corporate membership of the Australia Defence Association

Enables your organisation to lodge an application for corporate membership of the Australia Defence Association.


Australia Defence Association flagPlease help us to help Australia's defence.

The Australia Defence Association has long been Australia's only truly independent and non-partisan think-tank and community-based guardian of the public interest concerning strategic security, defence and wider national security issues. ADA membership is open to all Australians and Australian organisations interested in national security issues and in informed public debate about them.

Commonly asked questions about the ADA are answered on our  frequently-asked-questions pages.

If you are seeking a library or other institutional subscription to ADA publications this can be arranged on our publications subscription page.


Corporate membership

As an ADA corporate member your generous support greatly assists informed public debate nationally on strategic security, defence and wider national security issues. Your organisation's membership is also fundamental to the Association being able to undertake its full range of activities as an independent and non-partisan think-tank and guardian of the public interest.

In addition, corporate members are entitled to:

  • priority access to the ADA's well-respected advice and consultancy services at no charge;
  • boardroom briefings on strategic security, defence and wider national security issues (at no charge except perhaps travel costs);
  • access by designated employees/members to the members-only discussion and information section of the ADA website;
  • numerous copies of our reports and publications for your directors, designated senior executives and your organisation's senior strategic planning or strategic analysis staff.
  • priority booking when securing cover-advertising spots in our publications; and
  • advertising in all ADA publications at a 15 per cent discount to standard rates (and up to 25 per cent if sequences of advertising are involved).

Corporate membership responsibilities

  • As an independent, non-partisan, not-for-profit public organisation, and for the protection of your corporate reputation, our activities are necessarily sustained by us maintaining high standards of institutional transparency and corporate integrity. Including the need to avoid real or reasonably perceived conflicts of interest on all sides.
  • General safeguards concerning corporate membership can be found here.
  • We reserve the right to decline applications where we consider the organisation concerned does not act in the public interest.
  • We encourage our corporate members to publicise their ADA membership as an act of corporate social responsibility.

Corporate membership subscription period

  •  We are a membership-based and not-for-profit public organisation. Our operations are principally sustained by the subscriptions and support of our individual and corporate members.
  • Your annual ADA corporate membership period is for the standard financial year from 01 July to 30 June of the following year.
  • If your organisation joins the ADA in the last six months of a financial year (between 01 January and 30 June) your initial corporate membership period is 18 months through to 30 June in the year following. In this case, you need to add one-month increments, as needed, to the relevant subscription category (below) in order to cover the period to 30 June of the year in which you join.

Renewal policy

  • Your corporate membership renewal invoice for the new financial year will be posted out late in the expiring membership year, or early in your organisation's financial year if that is 01 January to 31 December, as arranged with you.
  • As the ADA is a community-based and not-for-profit public interest group entirely dependent on the resources committed by its membership, you are assumed to be renewing your corporate membership unless you formally resign that membership in writing on receipt of your initial renewal notice each year. 
  • If your organisation resigns from the ADA at a later time you incur a pro rata charge for the period elapsed until the written notice of your resignation is received and confirmed by the Association.
  • Your lodgement of your corporate membership application registers your acceptance of, and agreement to, this policy.

Privacy policy

As per our privacy policy your corporate membership details are held in the strictest confidence and will not be passed to a third party without your prior express permission.


Membership enquiries

If you have questions about your ADA corporate membership please ring the ADA national office in Canberra on (02) 6231-4444 or contact  subscriptions.


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