Information and commentary by the Australia Defence Association

Formal comment

Formal comment by the Australia Defence Association records our analysis and commentary on current or recurring national security issues as they arise.


Letters-to-the-editor help the ADA to begin addressing new or developing issues swiftly as they occur.


If you are on twitter, you can follow ADA commentary at @austdef. If you do not follow twitter, our most recent tweets at any one time are featured in the right-hand column of our home page. Our tweets predominantly provide initial ADA comment on current issues as they occur and/or links to articles and papers worth reading on strategic and domestic security topics as they are published. These links include more detailed ADA comment (inquiry submissions, formal comment, opinion articles, letters-to-the-editor, media interviews, etc) where applicable.

Opinion articles

The promotion of informed public debate on strategic security, defence and wider national security issues through public commentary, such as opinion articles, is a core activity of the Australia Defence Association's public-interest watchdog role.

Media interviews

Working with the media is integral to the Australia Defence Association's independent public-interest watchdog role, especially our public education and our long-term focused public-interest advocacy responsibilities. These records include transcripts, audio archives or podcasts from media interviews, discussion programs and on-line opinion fora featuring longer or more significant ADA input on a topic of particular public interest at the time.

Media Corrections

These links note corrections to significant factual or contextual inaccuracy, misquotation, misrepresentation or sensationalism in media and other reporting of Australia Defence Association policy or commentary.

Conference calendar

This calendar lists conferences, seminars and other public activities on strategic security, defence, strategic studies, international relations, international security, domestic security, military history and associated matters.

Inquiry submissions

Recent submissions to parliamentary and official inquiries by the Australia Defence Association.

ADA publications

The ADA's formal publications and research papers provide comprehensive background information and comment on a wide range of longstanding or recurring national security issues.

Maps and charts

Effective analysis and discussion of Australia's geo-strategic situation, strategic security and defence requirements is greatly assisted by using relevant maps and charts.

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